Premium Authentic Cigars

LLC Cigars stands for Lady Loves Cigars, a new line of cigars designed exclusively with women in mind. The LLC Collection is blended exclusively for women, recognizing that they share the same desire as men to enjoy the cigar lifestyle, but have different responses when tasting for the perfect cigar.

Today, more than ever, women are finding enjoyment in the taste and aroma of premium, hand-rolled cigars, but are often ignored by the industry. These cigars are custom designed to appeal to women and their tastes, as many see cigar smoking as a masculine past-time. We want to step outside the box and encourage women and men alike to taste, explore, and appreciate ultimate premium cigars with LLC.

LLC recognizes women as a separate group amongst cigar smokers, with heightened senses due to biological differences, thus requiring a customized experience. Therefore, The LLC Collection is meticulously designed and tested to pair perfectly with the unique palette that women alone possess.

Although exclusively designed for women, The LLC collection can be enjoyed by all who are passionate for fine cigars. So many resources today are focused on attracting a male audience, but we believe that it is time to highlight women aficionados. The truth is, women have an important role to play, and by listening to their stories and opinions, we have created a one-of-a-kind experience with our premium cigars.